Our Mission

We strive to help women reduce the stress and overwhelm in their lives– 

without sacrificing their quality of life. 

On average, women experience more stress than men...

Studies show that women are twice as likely to be diagnosed with a stress or anxiety disorder compared to men. 

This is because they're more likely to juggle multiple roles and bombarded with social, professional, and familial responsibilities–in addition to body image pressures.

At Luxe Girl, we aim to provide a platform for women to make self-care a priority so they can approach their lives with more grace and compassion.

Higher in women compared to men.

Luxe Girl is a female-founded startup with everything curated by women, for women.

What We Cherish

Luxe Girl Meditating


We cherish being intentional in everything we do–including the ability to be a channel for women to see themselves as a luxury.

Luxe Girl in Bathtub


Giving yourself kindness and compassion is just as important as giving it to others, so we emphasize the importance of this to be innate.

Luxe Girl Walking


"Refinement, not perfection." As women, we are always growing and evolving, so cultivation is key to developing into the woman of your dreams.

Meet the Founder

"I was a self-care enthusiast before I was a founder, and wanted something like Luxe Girl to exist way before I decided to make it happen. After months of planning and juggling the noise of life, I decided to make Luxe Girl a reality. I set out on a mission to empower women to tap into the power of luxury more easily, and on their terms."

Before Luxe Girl, Arryana was an image consultant, writer, and model. She initially founded Luxe Girl Diaries, the mother company of Luxe Girl.

Arryana was always interested in the psychology of self-care and rituals. She remembers having conversations with women who wanted to consistently prioritize self-care, but felt that they were spread too thin. Of course, these women have accomplished so many phenomenal feats in their lives. But her intuition was actually to ask, "What would it take for you to make time for your well-being?"

Ultimately, she wanted to take a well-rounded approach to caring for oneself.

Ready to embody luxury daily?